Did You Know? Some Interesting Facts About The FILA Cap

Everyone is aware that our soldiers in Aso ebi would be lacking without the Fila cap. The fila completes the style and gives the wearer a stunning appearance. These caps, which are primarily worn by Yoruba men, are now a trend for everyone as fashion started to change.

The Yoruba people use a variety of headgear, such as the Awolowo Cap, Gobi, Kufi, and Etu (made from aso-oke). In Yoruba country, various occupations have their own distinctive headgear, such as farmers who wear Gberi-agbe and hunters who wear Gberi-ode.


But did you know that historically, the way the fila was worn held significance?

Here are seven reasons why wearing a Fila is significant.

  1. When someone positions their cap to the left, it indicates that they are married.
  2. If it is to the right, the wearer is unmarried.
  3. When worn by a young person, it is placed in the front to indicate that the wearer will have a glorious future.
  4. When worn by the elderly, it is positioned toward the back to signify that they have served their purpose.
  5. In all other circumstances, Yoruba followers of prominent individuals are expected to tilt their caps in the opposite direction of their Lords as a display of respect if a member of a high caste does so to the left or right.
  6. When in the neighborhood, a guy who is going to get married must tip his cap in the direction of his future wife’s home to warn off potential suitors.
  7. As a form of respect, Sango devotees are often known to incline their Gobi hats inward.

These are a few quick facts about the Fila. Do you realize this? I wager you didn’t.

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