The various Ethnic groups in Nigeria I.

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa with diverse tribes and ethnicity. It has in total two hundred and fifty ethnic groups scattered all over its borders.

In this series, we take you through the various ethnic groups in the country. It is very crucial to note that the top eight ethnic groups with large numbers are as follows, 

 Yoruba (23%), Hausa (21%),  Igbo (18%),  Ijaw (5%),  Fulani (3%),  Ibibio (2.8%),  Tiv (2.2%),  Kanuri (1.7%) others constitute 23% in total.

Below is a list of the different ethnic groups and where they can be found.

Uwanno (Weppa-Wanno)  Edo State

Abayon Cross River State

Abua (Odual)  Rivers State

Achipa (Achipawa)   Kebbi State

Adara (Kadara)  Kaduna State, Niger State

Affade  Yobe State

Afizere Plateau State

Afo (Eloyi) Nasarawa State

Agbo     Cross River State

Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk)     Cross River State

Akweya-Yachi    Benue State

Alago (Arago)    Nasarawa State

Amo      Plateau State

Anaguta  Plateau State

Anang   Akwa Ibom State

Andoni Akwa Ibom State, Rivers State

Anioma Delta State, Edo State, Anambra State, River State.

Informaton form Wikipedia.