Our men slaying in their Asoebi attires

Nigerians are known to be very creative and audacious. This can be seen in our daily lives, music, lifestyle, and food. This creativity would not be justified if it isn’t embellished in our weddings. Many times, we only focus on the bride and her friends when we speak about weddings, what we fail to realize is, it cant be called Asoebi if the men are left out. The idea is for the guest to be in uniformity.

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A spiral of amazing designs both local and international inspired is showcased by our viable men. You see them looking fresh and enthusiastic ready to shake the dance floor and give us some legwork movement.

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The men come looking dapper in groups majorly, which accentuates the beauty of the Asoebi profoundly.

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When you think these styles will be outdated, you will be shocked to see something entirely different from what you have seen before. I mean we are Nigerians, we really cant do any wrong when it comes to these attires.

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